New beginnings... again.

Ah, to be blogging again. 

I started my very first blog in the early 2000's when I was a teenager. It was called InsideCy and primarily documented my random musings as an angsty yet optimistic high school student.

The second blog was a reboot of InsideCy while I was in college. It was very short-lived.

This third blog serves to share my journey through a new chapter - becoming a professional motivational speaker.

In the Winter of 2017, I worked with an amazing executive coach named Bert who helped me to clear out a lot of the noisy clutter of my mind to discover and become confident in my purpose on this Earth.

I have a lot to say and write about this newfound purpose that, I've found, has always been within me. Every story in my life; all my experiences; each conversation - they have all been the fibers of a cohesive thread to help serve this purpose.

More to come, but I want you to know with this post that I'm excited and scared as hell about this new venture. Hasn't every amazing life-changing thing always been preceded by such a feeling?